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How did the restaurant

The "Gatto Nero" Restaurant ("Black Cat Restaurant") was born as a simple inn in 1946 or so and in 1965 was taken over by Ruggero Bovo.

"When I was a child I had a dream, to study music to put notes on what I felt inside, but I was not allowed to study because of the economic conditions of my parents.
Then I thought - Why not put all my creativity and my enthusiasm in the art of cooking? - So I did!. "

"I love my country, its traditions, its old flavors and I love the fish of the Venetian lagoon and the Adriatic Coast, the raw material which has fed my island for generations and which I still have the fortune of getting fresh every day."

"A special mention goes to my wife, Lucia, which supports me in my work and in my continue research about the tradition of those ancient flavors related to Burano."

Our kitchen offers a large tasting of appetizers, first courses (like Risotto of Goby fish Burano style, the homemade noodles with Spider Crab ) and second courses among which the supreme fish baked or the fried mixed seasonal seafood served with vegetables, always from the organic growing collections of the neighboring islands. All the desserts, such as pasta are homemade.

"The old men of the island told me that «a good plate must always be accompanied by a glass of good wine». So my son Massimiliano, who is a certified Sommelier, thought to this working with a wealth on a rich wine list."